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Classic Physique
Women's Bikini

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NO easy-off tanning lotions or creams will be permitted; only permanent tanning solutions from approved brands are allowed.

By submitting this from, I voluntarily express my desire to participate in Fomo Wars 2024, organized by Fomo Fitness Ventures Inc. I hereby authorize the organizers to send me emails regarding upcoming events and competitions.

I, the undersigned, affirm the accuracy and truthfulness of the provided information. I acknowledge and accept the finality of the judges' decisions. Additionally, I grant permission for the utilization of any photographs or images of myself for publication and promotional purposes by the Fomo Wars events team.

In entering this competition, I willingly bind myself, my heirs, executors, spouse, kin, and administrators, relinquishing any rights and claims for damages against Fomo Fitness Ventures Inc., the city of the venue, the honorable Mayor, competition venues, or the organizers, including their agents, sponsors, judges, employees, representatives, or assigns. This waiver extends to any injuries or damages incurred during travel to or from or participation in the Fomo Wars competition. I confirm my amateur status, good standing, and eligibility to compete in the chosen Category and Division(s). I pledge to abide by all decisions made by Fomo Wars and affirm that all information provided herein is, to the best of my knowledge, true, accurate, and complete.

Upon submitting this Registration form, I acknowledge the non-refundable nature of all fees.

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